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 Agricultural Jobs With Salary

☑️" An agricultural life is one eminently calculated for human happiness and human virtue. "-C. L. ALLEN.

The main perplexing state of mind is after completing college education.

 This is because we have to choose a certain course for graduation that will be our identity in future.

Choosing any subject is very difficult.

While choosing any subject, the matter of jobs and package after the completion of graduation  course always comes in our mind.

We want choose those subject which has vast scope.

One subject in graduation course which has vast potential with lots of agricultural jobs is BSC Agriculture.

Lots of people think, they have to do farming as only option after graduation in BSC Ag.

 This thought is completely wrong. There are many carrier option after graduation in agriculture.

What is the highest paying job in agriculture,What are the government jobs after BSc agriculture?,What are the career opportunities in agriculture?,Is BSc agriculture a good career option
Agricultural Jobs

First, let's have a look on eligibility to enroll in agriculture course.

🔷(10+2) Under science stream.

🔷Subjects:-Physics, chemistry and Biology.

🔷Marks:- At least 50%in 12th.(Depends on         institute to institute).

🔷Duration:-4 Years.

Now let's talk about the agricultural jobs with salary in India.


    There are 3 types of agricultural  jobs opportunity that you can persue after graduation in BSC agriculture:-

    ✔️Academic jobs
    ✔️Private jobs
    ✔️Government jobs


    If you want to learn more about agriculture, if you are craving for agricultural knowledge then definitely, you have to go for Academic jobs.

    For these type of jobs you have to study for long time but end result will be fruitful.

    To get best jobs in academic line, you should read for long time. 

    First, you have to finish graduation then PG to be a lecturer in universities and top institutes.

    The Agricultural jobs that you can get in Academic field are:-

    ◾JOBS                                              ◾     SALARY


    ✔️Assistant professor        ✔️(35-80)K/month
    ✔️Associate professor ✔️ (1-2)Lakh/month 

    (You can be associate professor after having 10 years of teaching experience as assistant professor)


    ✔️Scientist                            ✔️ (16-40)K/month

    (Scientist has designation. As designation goes on increasing, your salary will also definitely increases.)

    3.After the completion of graduation course, you can also do MBA. After doing MBA your designation will becomes high and you will be paid high.


    1.Consumer foods companies

    It is essential to have a bsc graduate in any company, that produces goods for human consumption. We can get jobs with handsome salary in these companies.

    2.Dairy companies

    We can get jobs at private dairy farms. The dairy farms are increasing at rapid pace as the demand of milk is increasing in market.

    3.Fertilizer companies

    As agriculturist have vast knowledge on relation of crops and fertilizers, there is high damand of agriculture graduate in fertilizers company.

    4.Farm machinery companies

    5.INGOS like CIMMYT with very good package.


    If you want a job with handsome salary, you
    should definitely try for governmental jobs

    There is vast sector in government offices that needs agricultural graduates.

    Some agricultural jobs that one can get in Governmental sector are:-

    a..There are governmental jobs after cracking competitive examinations  like:





    These are some general competitive governmental exams.

    b.There are some excusive governmental exams for agricultural graduate. They are:-

    🔸IBPS AO

    Government conducts competitive exams for these types of jobs and one who became able to crack these exams gets these jobs.

    You can check governmental websites for the time of exams.

    c.Under Governmental jobs we can also get state governmental jobs. Some of the state governmental jobs that agricultural graduate can get are:-

    🔸Agricultural development officer(ADO)
    🔸Agricultural  extension officer.
    🔸District horticultural officer.
    🔸Seed officer.
    🔸Range forest officer.
    🔸District cane officer.
    🔸Assistant conservator

    SALARY:- The average salary of governmental jobs ranges from (8k - 3lakh)/month.

    There are job opportunities in other sectors also which are discussed below:-

    1.Campus placements

    Some of the top universities have campus placement for agriculture graduates of their universities. This is one of the easy way of getting jobs.

    Different companies offers jobs by coming into the universities. You can instantly grab the job after graduation if you are academically good.

    SALARY:-Depends upon the companies but it can range from thousands to lakhs.


    Some tv channels are exclusively on agriculture where one can get jobs. You can also gets jobs on newspaper company.

    3.Bank and insurance officer

    🔸Field officer
    🔸Rural developmental officer
    🔸Junior agriculture associates
    🔸Agricultural and probability officer


    This is the most important step for an agricultural graduates and may be the dream of some graduates.

    In entrepreneurship, you are not hired in job but you are creating job and hiring someone for that job.

    Being an agricultural graduates, you can many startups. Some sectors for entrepreneurship in Agriculture sector are:-

    🔸Dairy farm
    🔸Poultry business
    🔸Nursery establishment
    🔸Plant clinic
    🔸Tissue culture Lab

    There is no limit of income in agricultural business. We can earn in crores if we do our agri-business in proper way.

    Thus, we can say there is no limit in agricultural jobs. One can join agriculture course in  graduation without any doubt.

    Nowadays, most of the people are following the trends.

    Most of the students are following the courses like Doctor, Engineer and CA no matter what their interest is in. I request you, don't follow trend.

    Consider all subject and the last decision should be only yours.

    There has always been a primitive thought in many people's mind that the agriculture course is made for the students who are poor and cannot afford other courses.

    In choice of students Bsc agriculture  comes at last position in bachelor courses.

    But i want to tell you that, BSC agriculture is such subject which has high potential and its scope and importance is never gonna end until humans are alive on earth.

    We hope this article has given the detailed information on top Agricultural jobs in india with salary.

    ✓If you want to enroll in BSC agriculture course for graduation, we have provided the list of some colleges in India to study agriculture.

    What is the highest paying job in agriculture,What are the government jobs after BSc agriculture?,What are the career opportunities in agriculture?,Is BSc agriculture a good career option

    ✓Here is the list of entrance date of some agricultural institutes:-
    What is the highest paying job in agriculture,What are the government jobs after BSc agriculture?,What are the career opportunities in agriculture?,Is BSc agriculture a good career option

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