9 o'clock Flower: All About Portulaca Plant

9 o' clock flower is annually growing thick and fleshy  plant which  is especially grown for its flower and foliage beauty in tropical climate.

This flower is known for its special character i.e. Its floral bud blooms  out into a beautiful flower at about 9 A.M. in morning.-So-Named as 9 o'clock flower plant. The blooms flowers remains open till 2 PM in that day.

9 o'clock Flower: All About Portulaca Plant
9 o'clock Flower

This flower is distributed in different parts of the world and is native to its home country Brazil and Argentina.

9 o'clock flower is also known by its other names such as:- Moss Rose, Mexican Rose, 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock flower, Rock Rose and Sun Rose.

People of different parts of the world love to grow this flower because it has wide range of colours and can easily grow in dry and hot climate as its leaves can  store the water.

9 o'clock flower is preferable  to grow in gardens and it looks amazing in hanging baskets also. The types of colours in 9 o'clock plant are:-Red, Orange, Pink, White, and Yellow.

    In this blog we are going to discuss everything about 9 o'clock Flower: All About Portulaca Plant  in detail. So-Read the post till end.

    Botanical Classification 

    Kingdom:- Plantae
    Scientific Name:-Portulaca grandiflora

    Growing Methods And Soil Preparation

    We can grow 9 o'clock flower in small containers also. We can first prepare the nursery and later transplant the seedlings.

    The ways of growing Portulaca Plant are:-

    ✔️Seeds:- The growing method from flower needs more time about 2 weeks to germinate and become seedlings. We can grow in any season but is preferable to grow in summer season in direct sunlight.We can also grow them in cocopit.Water should be added immediately after sowing seeds. We can grow the seedling in nursery and can work as business to sell seedlings.

    ✔️Cuttings:-The growth of plant from cuttings is  very fast and can grow easily. We can take small 2.5 inches long cuttings from a mother plant and and remove the leaves towards base. We can make hole in potting mixture and put the basal part of cuttings into hole and fill it. Then it will grow.

    Now- Lets talk about Soil Preparation for 9 o'clock flower:-

    This flower can be grown in almost all type of soil. However- Sandy loam soil  is considered best for portulaca plant. The Potting Mixture is:-

    ✔️30% FYM + 60% Soil +10% Sand

    We can also add Vermicomopost In the mixture to provide good nutritional source.

    9 o'clock Flower: All About Portulaca Plant
    9 o'clock Flowers In Pot

    Care Of 9 o'clock flower

    We don't need to give any special care all the time as it is easy to grow. Some of the caring tips of 9 o'clock flower are:-

    🔸The plant loves sunlight-So-It should be grow in the place where it receives direct sunlight.

    🔸The seedlings grown should be transplanted with proper care as its roots are deligate and may be destroyed during planting.

    🔸We can add little amount of  DAP fertilizers every month in pot to get large number of flowers.

    🔸Method Of DAP Application:- Mix 2 tea spoon of DAP into 800 ml of water and add 200 ml water in each  pot.

    🔸The potting should mixture should be well  drained. There shouldn't be accumulation of water.

    🔸Deadheading and pruning of plant should be done regularly and it promotes the growth of new buds and more flower.

    9 o'Clock Flower Uses And Benefits

    🔸It is used as ground cover in landscaping work.

    🔸It is used as ornamental plant and also use to  make seedling in nursery.

    🔸This flower attracts honeybee working as a source of nectar.

    🔸This flower works as depurative i.e it help to.detoxify and clean body fluids like blood.

    🔸This flower also has some medicinal value as it is used in cure of hepatitis, Inflammation of pharynx, cirrhosis of liver, sore throat and many more.

    🔸The jel of 9 o' clock flower is used in the cure of burn of skin.

    🔸Some people believe that it cures cancer and tumors.

    🔸This flower adds natural beauty and gives aesthetic pleasure to Us.

    Final Verdict

    9 o' clock flower plant is an amazing plant that has many benefits and uses. One should grow this plant in their garden and balconies as it gives soothness to eye.

    This is whole information on 9 o'clock Flower: All About Portulaca Plant.

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